A History of AIDS Activism in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax

Recently Added Items

ACT UP Montreal New Member Packet

ACT UP MTL New Member Guide.pdf

Orientation manual for new members

AIDS Action Now! Protest Against HIV Quarantine

shabas protest 1990.jpg

Demonstration at the Westbury Hotel (Toronto) organized by AIDS Action Now! protesting Ontario Medical Officer of Health Richard Shabas who…

Solidarity or Abandonment and Betrayal

Jon Gates - Solidarity or Abandonment and Betrayal.pdf

Jon Gates' keynote address to The Canadian AIDS Society Annual General Meeting on May 23, 1992.

Coming Soon to A Church Near You

Coming Soon to A Church Near You.pdf

Alerting People to a Homophobic Conference of Preachers

Zine - Coming On

Coming On - Fall 1988 - Part 1.pdf

A 'zine compiled by Kenn Quayle and others from the Queer Anarchist Network n 1988. Scanned in three parts.

Life After Diagnosis - Photos from Production

Actor and Volunteer Shaking Hands.jpg

A collection of photographs taken during the production of the film Life After Diagnosis.

Zine - Use News: A Harm Reduction 'Zine by Citizens on Drugs Users' Union

Harm Reduction Zine by Citizens on Drugs Union - Issue 1 - Summer 1995.pdf

A harm reduction 'zine published by Citizens on Drugs Users' Union in Toronto, ON.