AIDS activism in Toronto


A history of AIDS activism in Toronto.

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Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black CAP) - "Black Women Get AIDS Too!"
A flyer from Toronto's Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black CAP) promoting a talk entitled "Black Women Get AIDS Too!" by Wendi Modeste.

AIDS ACTION NOW! - No Consensus Without Our Consent! Flyer
An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer promoting a rally and public action at the AIDS Consensus Conference in Toronto on World AIDS Day (December 1).

AIDS ACTION NOW! - OCAP Treasure Hunt Through Rosedale Flyer
An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer promoting a treasure hunt through Rosedale organized by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.

AIDS ACTION NOW! - Meet the Minister of Health /  Seven Months and No New AIDS/HIV Initiatives!  / Will the NDP Really Make a Difference?
An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer promoting a meeting with Evelyn Gigantes, Minister of Health under the NDP regime.

The flyer states:
"The NDP's campaign rhetoric promised positive changes to the healthcare system for people living with AIDS and HIV.…

An AIDS ACTION NOW! booklet providing information on AIDS testing.

The cover states:
"a Lab service requisition form: a familiar sight for people getting tested in Ontario.

Inside: HIV related tests / Calculating your absolute T4 count /…

An AIDS ACTION NOW! booklet on AIDS treatment, featuring an image of a treatment protest at Parliament Hill.

Text states:
"AIDS ACTION NOW! protests the federal government's failure to make experimental treatments available to people who are…

Queer Anarchist Network - People Livid With AIDS: Some Political Thoughts
A zine produced by Queer Anarchist Network discussing safe sex, safe drug use, treatments and research privilege, prisoners living with AIDS, demystifying drug use, living on the street, women living with AIDS, and psychiatric abuse of PLWAs.

An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer promoting a massive popular summit rally and march in protest of the global economic summit in Toronto, 1988.

AIDS ACTION NOW! - Organizational Flyer
An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer explaining the structure and goals of the organization.

AIDS ACTION NOW! - Newspaper Ad
An AIDS ACTION NOW! newspaper ad that has the following words written on it: human, kindness, care, partner, biological warfare, vagina, T4, contractors, treatment, alive, responsibility, human, immunodeficiency, and virus.

AIDS ACTION NOW! - No More Empty Promises! / No More Silent Nights!
AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer addressing David MacDonald's commitment to AIDS treatment. AIDS ACTION NOW! called upon MacDonald and the Canadian government to make Aerosolized Pantamadine (AP) available immediately.

AIDS ACTION NOW! - Ontario Government HIV Report Card Flyer
An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer for World AIDS Day condemning the Ontario government for their AIDS policies. It shows a failing HIV report card. It highlights that the Ontario government fails in providing the following: anonymous testing, high…

AIDS ACTION NOW! - AIDS Activism Teach-In Poster
A poster promoting an AIDS ACTION NOW! teach-in at Toronto City Hall. Featuring workshops on: Women and AIDS; Testing Issues; Taking control of your own health; Current treatments; HIV transmission; Treatment strategies; Promising new developments;…

AIDS ACTION NOW! - Prisoners with AIDS are People Too! Demonstration Flyer
An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer promoting a demonstration at the Don Jail.

The flyer reads:
"In or out of prison, PLWAs face discrimination, neglect, AIDS paranoia and homophobia. Inside prison this is compounded by the brutal conditions caused by…

AIDS ACTION NOW! - "A Message to Perrin" and "Take Some Action, Mr. Beatty" Lyrics
Two songs that were written for an AIDS ACTION NOW! rally: "A message to Perrin" and "Take some action, Mr. Beatty"

AIDS ACTION NOW! - Sick of Lousy Health Care? Flyer
An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer promoting their General Meeting.

It reads:
"Sick of lousy healthcare? AIDS ACTION NOW! is pushing for improvements in health care delivery, and we need your input.

Have you gotten up-to-date care from your doctor?…

AIDS ACTION NOW! - Stop the Quarantine / Fire Schabas Demonstration Flyer
An AIDS ACTION NOW flyer promoting a demonstration calling for the dismissal of Dr. Richard Schabas, Ontario's chief medical officer of health.

Organized by ACT, AIDS ACTION NOW!, Toronto PWA Foundation, and Casey House Hospice.

"Turning up the Heat!"
An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer promoting a Town Hall meeting for People Living with AIDS.

"Women get AIDS"
An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer that highlights issues associated with women and AIDS.

"This AIDS pamphlet is about Women"
An AIDS ACTION NOW! pamphlet addressing women's issues.
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