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An undercover does not have to tell
you they are a cop even if you ask.

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Asking an undercover cop to touch you
to "prove" she or he is a prostitute can
get you charged with "Counseling to
commit an indecent act".


You don't have to say what you are doing
if you are stopped by the police when
you are with a pro. However, if you are
caught while nude or performing a sex
act you will be charged with "Committing an indecent act in a public place".
To avoid getting charged with
"Communicating for the purpose"
make sure that you know the person
you are about to pick up is a pro.

Theoretically, if you successfully complete the program, you will not have a
criminal record. However, a record of the
charge will remain on the police records
and can be brought up at any time.

• The possibility of a permanent record
of your "sexual addiction" in your
health file.
• John School demands a greater
involvement of time and energy than
the typical process of a single court
appearance if you plead guilty.

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By agreeing to go to John School
you are forfeiting your right to plead
not guilty and fight your case.

• The real purpose ofJohn School is
to make you ashamed of your healthy
sexuality. Prostitution is NOT illegal
in this country, communicating in a
public space is. (Remember, your car
counts as a public place.)

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~'s 964-0150



Hah! John School, what a farce!
What is really needed is a school to teach
middle class moralizers to learn to live in a
mixed neighbourhoodswithout trying to push
their values down other peoples' throats.

Wbat is 3Jobn ~cbool?
John School (or the "Prostitution Diversion Program") is a program which will be
offered to clients charged with "Communicating for the purpose of prostitution".
It is part of a larger initiative aimed at
reducing street prostitution: an effort that
may include changes in the criminal law.
John School, implemented by Metro Toronto
Councillors Judy Sgro and Brian Ashton, will
take place on the last Saturday of the month
and there will be 30 people attending. If you
decide to attend the school you will asked for
a donation of up to 250 dollars.

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5) If you successfully complete this process
you will receive a formal letter which you
must take back to court. The judge may
then withdraw the charge.

"The diversion program is demanding and the
onus is on the accused. The accused must make two
appearance in court, one appearance at John
School' and two appearances at the administrative
agency.... ff the accused misses arry steps ofour
diversion program his case will be proceeded with
through the criminal justice system."
From the Street Prostitution Task


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At your first court appearance the Crown
Attorney will advise you of your eligibility. To
be eligible this must be your first charge. If
you are eligible and you choose to go to John
School these are the steps that will be taken:
• The Judge will delay your next appearance in court for two months so that
you will have time to attend the school.
• You will meet with a court worker
who will inform you of the procedure:
1) Make an appointment to register.
2) Meet for an in-person registration
and set a date to attend.
3) Once you arrive for class you must
remain for the entire eight hours.
4) Upon completion you will return to the
administration agency for an evaluation
and final interview.

pAfter a short break a public health
educator will deliver a two hour
lecture on various aspects of sexually
transmitted diseases.

In North America studies repeatedly show that
prostitutes are at equal or lower risk of Sexually
Transmitted Diseases. Money does not spread
STD's, unsafe sex does. However, the john School
will not teach you the safer sex techniques that you
learn.from yourfavourite hooker.

Force Communication by Brian Ashton,

Vice-Chair to the Metro Toronto Police Services Board,January 9, 1996.

I had no idea
John School

prostitution related enforcement.






Wbat pou b:Jill 'learn'
pThe day will start with registration and
introductions. (Coffee will be available
for a fee.) You will be required to
disclose a personal detail to the class.
You will also be informed that in order
to complete the program you must
participate in a co-operative manner.

pA Crown Attorney will come in to
explain various aspects of the criminal
code, and a police officer will talk about

pAfter lunch representatives from a community group will lecture on the "problems" resulting from street prostitution.

Despite the fact that prostitutes, andyou, the client,
are a part ef the community, we are being
scapegoatedfar common urban complaints such as
noise and littering.
pNext a former prostitutes will "explain
the impact prostitution has on women".

These women speak.from their own experience but
generalize that ALL prostitutes are female and are
victims. This completely ignores the majority efpros
that appreciate our clients and our work.
pAfter another short break an "expert"
from the Clark Institute of Psychiatry
will lead a discussion on "the reasons
why individuals seek out prostitutes
and how behaviour can be modified".

You might as well ask ((Wiry do people seek out sex
and companionship?". Don't take it as a given that
your behaviour NEEDS to be changed.
pFinally you will complete a short quiz
and fill out a reaction sheet.