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Letter to Magic Johnson [June 10 1996].pdf
Two letters welcoming Magic Johnson and his family to Nova Scotia and inviting him to participate at an event organized by the Black Outreach Project and the Black Cultural Centre, held on October 24, 1996.

Southern Africa Programme 1994-95.pdf
Documents on Southern Africa Programme from 1993/4 and 1994/5

Southern African AIDS Training Programme News [Fall 1994].pdf
1st Newsletter by Southern African AIDS Training Programme (Fall 1994), a Canadian Public Health Association program funded by Canadian International Development Agency.

Speaking Out - Janice Jirau - Patient Notes.pdf
Patient Notes article, source unknown. "Speaking Out: A Message from a Black Woman AIDS Activist" by Janice Jirau, Vice President, Board of Directors, LifeLink, Inc., PWA Coalition of Washington, DS

STD Brochure - Minister of Health and Welfare.pdf
Educational booklet on STDs, published by authority of the Minister of National Health and Welfare, Canada

The Role of the Black Outreach Project Advisory Board.pdf
Draft membership document outlining the role of the Black Outreach Project Advisory Board, and the Role of the Community AIDS Educator to the Board.

Working Document - AIDS Coalition of NS Report - [June 18 1995].pdf
Draft report by Transition Committee of AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia on how best to incorporate interests of stakeholders to form a new coalition for a community-based, provincial response to HIV/AIDS in Nova Scotia.

Black Women and Addictions Document.pdf
Printed handout with information on the relationship between Black women and addictions in the African American community

Supreme Court of Canada - James Bigney v Queen [1999].pdf
Court proceedings between James Bigney and her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia

PowerPoint Slides - HIV and Substance Use and WoC.pdf
Slides for presentation by Robbye E. Kinkade of Stony Brook University (New York, USA) and Kim Bernard, crd of Kim's Agency (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

PowerPoint Slides Robbye E. Kinkade SUNY.pdf
Presentation Slides by Robbye E. Kinkade of SUNY Stony Brook

PowerPoint Slides - Assessing HIV Prevention.pdf
Presentation slides by Kimberley Bernard

PowerPoint Slides - Anita Keeping.pdf
Presentation slides by Anita Keeping, Anonymous HIV Clinic Coordinator, Planned Parenthood Metro Clinic in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

A Provincial Response to AIDS - Fourth Wave Strategic Management Association [Aug 31 1994].pdf
Page 23 of "A Provincial Response to AIDS" document by Fourth Wave Strategic Management Associates, 31 August 1994. Includes recommendations for accountability to the African Nova Scotia community.

1996 Memorial AIDS Vigil Poster [June 23].pdf
Black and white poster for the 1996 Memorial AIDS Vigil held on Sunday, June 23 at 7:30pm at the Brewery Market Courtyard in Halifax, NS.

Wayves Article [Dec 95 - Jan 96].pdf
Article published in Wayves (December 1995 / January 1996) and written by Ross Boutilier.

NS Dept of Health Update on HIV - AIDS [Aug 1994].pdf
Report on HIV/AIDS cases by in Nova Scotia (1983-1994) compiled by the Nova Scotia Department of Health.

Article - Feds to fight lawsuit by gay man seeking spousal-pension benefit.pdf
A collection of newspaper articles detailing James Bigney's legal battle for survivor benefits under the Canada Pension Plan.

Letter on AIDS training session [Dec 18 1995].pdf
Items include: letter on AIDS training sessions and resources for Black community, written by Deena Noseworthy on 18 December 1995; outline of Black Outreach Project's AIDS training sessions; questionnaire for Black Outreach Project's resource kit…

Tuma Article.pdf
Print media article by Maura Donovan discussing Tuma Young's experience as a founder of the Atlantic First Nations AIDS Task Force; a student at the University College of Cape Breton and the University of British Columbia; and the first Mi'kmaq…
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