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Monthly Report [Oct 2 1995].pdf
A collection of Black Outreach Project's monthly reports, submitted by Community AIDS Educator Deena Noseworthy. Monthly reports for October-December 1995.

Draft Report - An Evaluation of the BoP [february 1996].pdf
This draft report provides an evaluation of the Black Outreach Project, a project of the Nova Scotia Persons with AIDS Coalition.

Atlantic AIDS Network Anti-Racism Workshop Agenda [Sept 1994].pdf
Agenda for Atlantic AIDS Network's Anti Racism Workshop, "Consciousness Raising," held September 22-25, 1994.

AIDS and Eurocentrism.pdf
A collection of diagrams and notes produced by the Black Outreach Project for their Resource Manual and Training Sessions. Subjects include AIDS at the intersection of eurocentrism, poverty, racism, sexism, discrimination, and the black community; as…

Advisory Board Steering Committee Mtg Minutes [April 6 1994].pdf
Meeting minutes for the Black Outreach Project Advisory Board Steering Committee for 6 April, 1994.

Advisory Board Mtg Minutes [July 11 1994].pdf
A collection of minutes from meetings of the Black Outreach Project Advisory Board for the following dates: 11 July 1994; 12 September 1994; 1 November 1994; 8 March 1995; 11 September 1995.

Donkey Image - Halifax.pdf
News clipping from The Daily News (Halifax) with image of Pedro the donkey marching in protest with ACT UP members.

CAS mtg - Halifax - Anthony.jpg
Anthony Mohamed and others pose for a photograph of the Canadian AIDS Society (CAS) in Halifax

News and Views - NSPWAC 1993.pdf
Quarterly newsletter by the Nova Scotia Persons with AIDS Coalition featuring contributions by Kim Bernard, Jane Allen, David MacFarlane and James Shedden

Shades of Reflection - Handbook for Immigrant and WoC and HIV-AIDS.pdf

Needs Assessment Report [Aug 30 1993].pdf

Mtg Minutes - Magic Johnson All Start Team Visit.pdf

Letter to African Canadian Education Center [July 1996].pdf

Environmental Scan Report [Oct 2005].pdf
An Environmental Scan Report by Dionne Falconer and associates

Brochure Evaluation Sheet.pdf

BoP Brochure - Dealing with HIV-AIDS in the Black Community of NS.pdf
A flyer by the Black Outreach Project

HazenUsher&EricSmith  P7290035.jpg
A photo of Hazen Usher and Eric Smith, who were both associated with the Halifax PWA Coalition.

DinetiaJohnson  &DaleOxfordP7290044.jpg
A photo of Dinetia Johnson and Dayle Oxford, who were both associated with the Nova Scotia PWA Coalition.

BruceDavidson&HisTwoBoys  P7290043.jpg
A photo of PWA Coalition member Bruce Davidson and his two boys.

Bruce'sChildrenWthBruce&Dale P7290042.jpg
Photo - Halifax - Bruce's children with Bruce (Davidson) and Dale
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