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prisons in canada.pdf
Text from a Reaction SIDA flyer on AIDS/HIV in prisons.

Prisoners Support network2.pdf
A flyer from AIDS ACTION NOW! on a proposed Prisoner Support Network. The document was recovered from the Reaction SIDA archive in Montreal.

operation grinch.pdf
A zine/flyer promoting Operation GRINCH (Gay Retaliation for Inexcusable Negligence and Criminal Homophobia) - a U.S. group proposing disruption and civil disobedience in protesting government inaction around AIDS. Recovered from Reaction SIDA…

Montreal Prostitutes.pdf
An article by Carol Leigh on a meeting of sex workers at the V International AIDS Conference in Montreal protesting how they have been scapegoated.

lesbian misinformation.pdf
An article from Rites Magazine entitled "Addressing Lesbian Misinformation" -- addressing the risk of AIDS/HIV for lesbians.


era of bad feelings.pdf
An article entitled, "The era of bad feelings"

clipping aids prison issue.pdf
An article from a U.S. newspaper on AIDS in prisons.

AIDS prisons2.pdf
An article that describes efforts of AIDS activists in Quebec to advocate on behalf of people in prisons.

aids and women 2.pdf
A statement that appears to be from Reaction SIDA on women and AIDS in Quebec.

further violations of our rights.pdf
A zine put together by Carol Leigh on HIV/AIDS and sex workers.

At the Vth International AIDS Conference in Montreal in June 1989, the then newly appointed Minister of Health and Welfare, Perrin Beatty, promised to put together a national AIDS strategy for Canada...

An AIDS ACTION NEWS! page. Published June 1991.

There are some benefits to surviving with an AIDS diagnosis. One never had to worry about paying the high premium for life insurance because as far as insurance companies are concerned, you are…

Two Rites articles on AIDS, including on AIDS activist Joe Rose, and on AIDS ACTION NOW!'s efforts to secure affordable funding. Published May 1989.

Guide de recherche_sida_2017-03-01.pdf
A research guide summarizing HIV/AIDS-related archival material held at the Archives gaies du Québec (Quebec Gay Archives or AGQ). Included in this research guide are a list of archival fonds primarily focusing on AIDS, a list of fonds where AIDS is…

ACT - UP Montreal t-shirt.pdf
ACT UP Montreal

ACT UP MTL New Member Guide.pdf
Orientation manual for new members

ACT UP MTL BouBou Manif 1990.jpeg
Protest poster for a demonstration against the inaction of the Robert Bourassa government and the Centre Québécois de Coordination sur le SIDA.

ACT UP MTL Joe Rose Manif 1992.jpeg
Protest flyer to commemorate the three year anniversary of the anti-gay murder of Joe Rose in Montreal. Organized by ACT UP Montreal and Queer Nation Rose
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