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An article on prisoner rights and on the experience of one man, Kyle Downey, who was refused medical care in prison. Written by Brent Southin. Published in Rites, March 1989.

An article on "DDI saves lives" demonstrations at Bristol Meyers. Published in Rites, September 1989.

An article on activism at the International AIDS Conference in Montreal. Published in Rites, July/August 1989.

An article on AIDS activists plans to protest at the International AIDS Conference in Montreal. Written by Gary Kinsman. Another reprinted article on a PLWA harassed at Canadian border. Published in Rites, June 1989.

Various articles on AIDS treatment, rights, vigils. Published in Rites.

A tribute to Michael Lynch (1945-1991). Published in Rites September - October 1991.

An article on"Snapshots," a play about a family coping with AIDS.




A tribute to James Thatcher. Published in AIDS ACTION NEWS!, Summer 1993.

James RC Thatcher died at his home Jan 2 from AIDS-related complications. Four days prior to his death, James had videotaped a dramatic appeal to the Ontario government to…

"Sean Hosein's interest for research in AIDS related fields was spurred in 1982 by a New York Times story on 'Gay cancer'. Something about the phrasing struck him as being odd and the content of the story confirmed that the focus was on the…

A tribute to Doug Wilson, published in AIDS ACTION NEWS!, Fall 1992.

AIDS activist and gay rights pioneer Doug Wilson died of AIDS-related pneumonia on September 26.

An AIDS ACTION NEWS! page with articles entitlted, 'Fight Poverty, Not the Poor!', 'Activists Confront Human Rights Commission Delays,' 'Voices of Positive Women Launched'. Published Winter 1992.
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