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Person Livid With AIDS.jpg
A poster for "Person Livid with AIDS," a one-man show put together by Michael Smith.

AIDS Action Now - Policy Options '90.pdf
A policy document prepared for AIDS ACTION NOW!'s Annual General Meeting setting out policy issues for discussion in planning for the year ahead. The document is broken down into three broad categories: I) Political Organization; II) The Politics of…

AIDS Action Now - Policy Options '91.pdf
A report setting out policy issues for AIDS ACTION NOW! The report highlights five core areas: 1) Political organization; 2) Politics of treatment; 3) Politics of clinical trials; 4) Politics of social services; 5) Politics of affected/infected…

AAN Policy Options 92.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! report setting out policy options for 1992. The report sets out eight core areas of discussion: 1) Research; 2) Treatment Access; 3) Treatment management; 4) Prisons; 5) Public health; 6) Discrimination; 7) Alliances and…

A newspaper article that speaks with Bruce Davidson about the Nova Scotia Task Force on AIDS, also featuring a poll of Nova Scotians on the importance of AIDS as a health issue.

A position statement by the AIDS Committee of Toronto on Criminal Law and HIV transmission, arguing that preventing HIV transmission is the responsibility of public health not criminal law.

A policy backgrounder on Ontario Drug Benefits and the Trillium program.

A Press Release announcing the formation of PASAN.

AAN Retreat Proceedings 1991.pdf
The proceedings of the 1991 AIDS ACTION NOW! Retreat. Includes a discussion of accomplishments of the past year, and break-out groups to discuss priorities for the coming year.

An AIDS ACTION NOW! proposal to reform the Ontario Drugs Benefit Formulary to include a list of drugs needed to adequately treat people living with HIV and AIDS.

Public Actions.PDF
AIDS ACTION NOW! notes on public actions, including a discussion of the federal elections, the International AIDS Conference in Montreal, the Media Committee, Lobbing, Trillium and other issues.

A newspaper column by Christina Blizzard offering commentary on Bob Rae's announcement of Trillium.

Draft Document on Disclosure and an article on Safe Sex.

A draft policy report by the Ontario Advisory Committee on HIV/AIDS on how to reduce HIV transmission by people who are unable or unwilling to use appropriate precautions.

An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer that calls on the federal government to renew their AIDS strategy.

Shades of Reflection - Handbook for Immigrant and WoC and HIV-AIDS.pdf

A front-page article from the Daily News in which Eric Smith criticizes the Nova Scotia AIDS Task Force.

Some people call me an ass-hole.PDF
Speaking notes from what appears to be a workshop for people living with AIDS and HIV.

A Report from J.A. Browne at the AIDS Bureau regarding the status of non-nominal testing.

A policy report drafted by the Drug Programs Reform Secretariat on the cost of drugs in Ontario.
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