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Jon Gates - Solidarity or Abandonment and Betrayal.pdf
Jon Gates' keynote address to The Canadian AIDS Society Annual General Meeting on May 23, 1992.

ACT - UP Montreal t-shirt.pdf
ACT UP Montreal

Coming On - Fall 1988 - Part 1.pdf
A 'zine compiled by Kenn Quayle and others from the Queer Anarchist Network n 1988. Scanned in three parts.

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Actor and Volunteer Shaking Hands.jpg
A collection of photographs taken during the production of the film Life After Diagnosis.

Harm Reduction Zine by Citizens on Drugs Union - Issue 1 - Summer 1995.pdf
A harm reduction 'zine published by Citizens on Drugs Users' Union in Toronto, ON.

Jerking Off - Summer 1987.pdf

MindBodyLove Zine - Issue 1.pdf
'zines created by KennQuayle, Brian Mackenzie and and Sobey Wing in Vancouver, BC.

Community Youth Trade Presentation Proposed Agenda [Oct 21 1994].pdf
Proposed agenda (sent to Kim Bernard from Deena Noseworthy) for Community Youth Trade presentation on 21 October 1994

Draft Report on Provincial Response to AIDS [April 25 1995].pdf
Draft Report on Provincial Response to AIDS, including comments, suggestions & criticisms made by Morris Green.

Letter to Community Orgs and Associations from BOP.pdf
Letter from Deena Noseworthy (Black Outreach Project) asking community organizations and associations for donations to help African Nova Scotia man (PLWA) return to Zambia for his wife's funeral (also PLWA).

Letter to BoD of AIDS NS.pdf
Draft (edited) letter from members of BOP to Board of Directors at AIDS NS.

Fax to Kim Bernard from Deena.pdf
Cover page for fax sent to Kim Benard regarding revised copy of brochure

BOP Workshop Registration Form.pdf
Registration form for HIV/AIDS workshop by Black Outreach Project

Handwritten Notes [July 11 1994].pdf
Handwritten notes from meeting of Black Outreach Project on 11 July 1994

Handwritten Notes - Sexuality in the African NS Community [April 19 1995].pdf
Handwritten notes on sexuality in the African Nova Scotian community, 19 April 1995

Draft Notes.pdf
Notes on various subjects related to HIV/AIDS, including sexism, women as caregivers, treatment and research issues and sexuality.

BOP Documents.pdf
Memo (written by Deena Noseworthy) and package of Black Outreach Project documents (including meeting minutes, a list of Advisory Board members, general information on the Project, ideas for board development, and a copy of meeting agenda for 2 May…

News and Views Quarterly [Dec 1994].pdf
Two issues of NEWS & VIEWS, a quarterly newsletter produced by the Nova Scotia PWA Coalition in Halifax.
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