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A fax template to be sent by People Living With HIV/AIDS to Ruth Grier, Ontario's Minister of Health requested that a list of drugs be listed to the Ontario Drug Benefits list.

A flyer faxed from AIDS ACTION NOW! entitled "Paying for your drugs - Are you getting what you're entitled to?"

An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer that threatens an election boycott in the event that the AIDS issues is not addressed by the NDP government. Promotes a protest at an All-Candidates Forum.

Notes for a Press Conference on the Ontario needs assessment, calling for an adequate drug benefits program.

An educational booklet from AIDS ACTION NOW! and sponsored by Xtra! on getting tested.

An AIDS ACTION NOW! statement on drug benefits.

An AIDS ACTION NOW! guide to AIDS treatments.

AAN AGM 1990.pdf
A "Notice of Annual General Meeting" issued by AIDS ACTION NOW! The notice features a Proposed Agenda and two resolutions on increasing the steering committee and incorporating under a federal charter.

AAN AGM Nov 12 1991.pdf
Meeting Minutes of the AIDS ACTION NOW! Steering Committee from 12 November 1991. Includes discussion of provincial drug benefits, the federal National AIDS Strategy, prison issues, and the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.

AAN AGM Nov 19 1991.pdf
Meeting Minutes from the AIDS ACTION NOW! AGM (1991). Includes an appraisal of the group's work in 1991 and a discussion of the year ahead. Committee introduced include: Treatment Access and Research, Provincial Lobbying, Membership and Recruitment,…

AAN Annual Retreat 95.pdf
Notes from the AIDS ACTION NOW! Annual Retreat (1995). Discussing achievements over the past year (i.e. Trillium) and upcoming challenges sustaining the organization. There is an emphasis on poverty issues as an area of focus.

AAN Changes to Constitution.pdf
A list of proposed changes to the AIDS ACTION NOW! Constitution addressing greater representation by People Living With AIDS on the Steering Committee.

AAN Constitution.pdf
The AIDS ACTION NOW! Constitution that was adopted on 14 April 1989.

AAN Draft Notes on Structure.pdf
A draft AIDS ACTION NOW! document intended to guide discussion on the role of working committees in the organization. Includes a list of all major committees in AIDS ACTION NOW!

AAN Notes on Accountability.pdf
Notes intended to represent various views expressed at an AIDS ACTION NOW! policy meeting on the challenge of being accountable to the HIV/AIDS community.

AAN Retreat 93.pdf
Notes from the 1993 Annual Retreat of AIDS ACTION NOW! featuring reports from the various committees, an appraisal of their work during the year, and strategic planning for the year to come.

AAN Retreat 1990 Notes.pdf
Notes from the 1990 Annual Retreat of AIDS ACTION NOW! including strategic planning for the coming year.

AAN Retreat Proceedings 1991.pdf
The proceedings of the 1991 AIDS ACTION NOW! Retreat. Includes a discussion of accomplishments of the past year, and break-out groups to discuss priorities for the coming year.

AAN Retreat Proposed Agenda.pdf
A proposed agenda from an AIDS ACTION NOW! retreat.

Action Plan.PDF
An Action Plan for AIDS ACTION NOW! from October 1989 to October 1990.. Includes an emphasis on organizational and structural changes to ensure "maximum participation of PLWA/HIV".
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