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A press release from ACT-UP New York announcing a twelve point agenda which calls for government research of drugs already found effective in community clinical trials.

A manifesto issued by ACT UP (New York) and AIDS ACTION NOW! (Toronto) at the V International AIDS Conference in Montreal. The manifesto calls for an international code of rights that is based on acknowledging and preserving the humanity of people…

Parc de l'Espoir Article Montreal Gazette.pdf
Parc de l'Espoir was a rallying point for members of ACT UP Montreal who fought with Mayor Doré for years to establish the AIDS memorial park at the corner of St-Catherine and Panet streets in Montreal's gay village.

Another untitled photograph shows what appears to be a meeting between activists and a government official.

[GB] Brown AIDS Activists Rocking the Boat Briarpatch 18(8) 1989.pdf
An article by Glen Brown on AIDS activism in the magazine Briarpatch titled "AIDS Activists: Rocking the Boat."

reaction sida act up aids action now.pdf
A programme of events organized by ACT UP, AIDS ACTION NOW! and Réaction SIDA around the V International AIDS Conference in Montreal

reaction sida leaflet4.pdf
A schedule of events organized by Réaction SIDA, ACT UP and AIDS ACTION NOW! in Montreal for the V International AIDS Conference.

Guide de recherche_sida_2017-03-01.pdf
A research guide summarizing HIV/AIDS-related archival material held at the Archives gaies du Québec (Quebec Gay Archives or AGQ). Included in this research guide are a list of archival fonds primarily focusing on AIDS, a list of fonds where AIDS is…

An article on activism at the International AIDS Conference in Montreal. Published in Rites, July/August 1989.
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