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AAN! - AIDS group invades ministers office.jpg
A newspaper article on the occupation of Minister Frances Lankin's office by AIDS ACTION NOW! protestors.

A program from the funeral of James Thatcher.

AAN National Treatment Registry.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! brief submitted to the federal government calling for the creation of a National Treatment Registry.

AAN Retreat Proposed Agenda.pdf
A proposed agenda from an AIDS ACTION NOW! retreat.

Action = Life Four Steps.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! policy report which seeks to advance an Ontario provincial AIDS strategy. The emphasis is on: 1) drug funding; 2) standards of care; 3) HIV clinics; and 4) anonymous testing.

An AIDS ACTION NOW! leaflet that demands a comprehensive funding policy for AIDS/HIV treatment and medications and fair representation by People Living With HIV and AIDS on government committees.

AAN Prison Rights.pdf
A Press Release from AIDS ACTION NOW! welcoming the introduction of condoms into federal prisons but saying that more is needed.

Action Plan.PDF
An Action Plan for AIDS ACTION NOW! from October 1989 to October 1990.. Includes an emphasis on organizational and structural changes to ensure "maximum participation of PLWA/HIV".

An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer promoting a demonstration confronting the mismanagement of the Treatment Information System for AIDS and HIV (TISAH).

A treatment primer for People Living with HIV/AIDS developed by AIDS ACTION NOW!'s Treatment Access and Research Committee.

AAN AIDS Def.pdf
A definition of AIDS and a discussion of its associated social and medical benefits in Canada.

AAN AIDS in Toronto Up to Scratch.pdf
An article that examines the degree of support that is available for People Living With HIV/AIDS in Toronto.

AAN_election issue poster.PDF
An AIDS ACTION NOW! poster that calls for a "rally, march and roast" in order to make AIDS an election issue.

AAN flyer 2.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! pamphlet that goes over the goals and structure of the organization.

AAN Changes to Constitution.pdf
A list of proposed changes to the AIDS ACTION NOW! Constitution addressing greater representation by People Living With AIDS on the Steering Committee.

AAN Draft Position on Drug Costs.pdf
A draft paper produced by AIDS ACTION NOW! discussing drug costs and provincial health policy.

AAN Remembering David Marriage.pdf
An obituary for AIDS ACTION NOW! member David Marriage.

AAN Poster.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! poster promoting a demonstration against a government minister.

AAN Demo National AIDS Strategy.pdf
A poster promoting an AIDS ACTION NOW! demonstration protesting the unveiling of the National AIDS strategy by federal Minister of Health, Perrin Beatty.

Facilitator Notes.pdf
AIDS ACTION NOW! notes on how to be a good facilitator.
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