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A draft policy report by the Ontario Advisory Committee on HIV/AIDS on how to reduce HIV transmission by people who are unable or unwilling to use appropriate precautions.

A note from David to Grant proposing a panel at the AGM on criminalization.

A memo from J.A. Browne, AIDS Coordinator with the AIDS Bureau discussing moving forward with non-nominal testing.


Second memo from the Ontario Advisory Committee on HIV/AIDS regarding criminalization. Also includes a series of newspaper clippings on the issue.

Handwritten notes on quarantine and criminalization

A position statement by the AIDS Committee of Toronto on Criminal Law and HIV transmission, arguing that preventing HIV transmission is the responsibility of public health not criminal law.

An AIDS ACTION NOW! Press Release promoting the event, "From Quarantine to Criminalization," which features speakers on the criminalization of People Living With HIV and AIDS.

An article in the Daily News that discusses the criminalization of a man "suspected of knowingly spreading AIDS". Featuring an interview with Eric Smith of the Nova Scotia PWA Coalition.
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