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Action Plan.PDF
An Action Plan for AIDS ACTION NOW! from October 1989 to October 1990.. Includes an emphasis on organizational and structural changes to ensure "maximum participation of PLWA/HIV".

An article from the Toronto Star which speaks to members of the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto about the Trillium drug benefits plan.

A newspaper article on the introduction of the Trillium program in Ontario.

A policy backgrounder on Ontario Drug Benefits and the Trillium program.

An AIDS ACTION NOW! statement on drug benefits.

A Toronto Star opinion piece by Thomas Walkom on the Trillium Drug Program.

AAN AGM Nov 12 1991.pdf
Meeting Minutes of the AIDS ACTION NOW! Steering Committee from 12 November 1991. Includes discussion of provincial drug benefits, the federal National AIDS Strategy, prison issues, and the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.

A backgrounder from the Province of Ontario on the Trillium Drug Program.

A draft application form for the Trillium Drug Benefit program.

AAN Letter Re Drug Costs.pdf
A letter from AIDS ACTION NOW! to members on a consultation organized by the Ontario Drug Program Reform Secretariat, speaking to different "Disease Groups".

Letter from DPRS.pdf
A letter from the Drug Programs Reform Secretariat to AIDS ACTION NOW! inviting them to attend a meeting to discuss the reform of Ontario's drug programs.

An agenda for a meeting to discuss Ontario's new Drug Benefit Program.

A couple of newspaper articles on the introduction of the Trillium drug plan.

A second set of articles on the Trillium drug plan. This set highlights the role activists in pressing for it.

A press release from the Province of Ontario on the Trillium drug plan.

Three newspaper clippings about drug benefits and AIDS activism.

Notes for a Press Conference on the Ontario needs assessment, calling for an adequate drug benefits program.

AAN Retreat 1990 Notes.pdf
Notes from the 1990 Annual Retreat of AIDS ACTION NOW! including strategic planning for the coming year.

AAN Annual Retreat 95.pdf
Notes from the AIDS ACTION NOW! Annual Retreat (1995). Discussing achievements over the past year (i.e. Trillium) and upcoming challenges sustaining the organization. There is an emphasis on poverty issues as an area of focus.

Includes a memo from a doctor and a list of drugs included in the formulary.
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