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Harm Reduction Zine by Citizens on Drugs Union - Issue 1 - Summer 1995.pdf
A harm reduction 'zine published by Citizens on Drugs Users' Union in Toronto, ON.

Black Women and Addictions Document.pdf
Printed handout with information on the relationship between Black women and addictions in the African American community

PowerPoint Slides - HIV and Substance Use and WoC.pdf
Slides for presentation by Robbye E. Kinkade of Stony Brook University (New York, USA) and Kim Bernard, crd of Kim's Agency (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

PowerPoint Slides Robbye E. Kinkade SUNY.pdf
Presentation Slides by Robbye E. Kinkade of SUNY Stony Brook

An AIDS ACTION NOW! report discussing rising rates of HIV infection related to injection drug users (IDU) and public health policies of mandatory contact tracing and notification of partners.
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