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AAN Getting Hooked Up.pdf
A research proposal prepared for Health and Welfare Canada by George Smith, Eric Mitchell, and Douglas Weatherbee which sets out to examine the challenges people living with AIDS and HIV have in accessing services.

An article by George Smith focusing on AIDS treatments, activist initiatives, and politics. Published in Rites.

An AIDS ACTION NEWS! article on the treatment registry. Published 24 June 1990.
AIDS ACTION NOW!, early on, investigated the serious problem of access to treatment, especially new, experimental treatments for people with HIV infection...

An AIDS ACTION NEWS! article published January 1989.

AAN! George Smith obit.jpg
An obituary for AIDS ACTION NOW! activist George Smith.

An article on the media. Written by George Smtih. Published in FUSE, January/February 1983.

An article on the ways gay life is shaped by the state and the media. Written by George Smith. Published in FUSE, November 1980.

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AAHP - George Smith Quotations.pdf

AAHP - George Smith Readings.pdf

A report on how people living with HIV/AIDS 'hook up' with health and social services.

An obituary from the Toronto Star remembering George Smith.

george photo.png
Left to right: AAN! members George Smith and Brent Southin.
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