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An article from the Chronic Herald on the response by AIDS groups to Nova Scotia's AIDS strategy.

An article from the Daily News on the Halifax Pride Parade, which prominently features AIDS activists. Featuring an interview with Eric Smith.

Cartoon in the Chronicle Herald

Working Document - AIDS Coalition of NS Report - [June 18 1995].pdf
Draft report by Transition Committee of AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia on how best to incorporate interests of stakeholders to form a new coalition for a community-based, provincial response to HIV/AIDS in Nova Scotia.

A Halifax newspaper article entitled "HIV double standard: Magic Johnson is a here, but Eric Smith..." from The Sunday Daily News.

Text from an article on "Living with AIDS" featuring a discussion by Peter Woods.

The Role of the Black Outreach Project Advisory Board.pdf
Draft membership document outlining the role of the Black Outreach Project Advisory Board, and the Role of the Community AIDS Educator to the Board.

Board Mtg Minutes [Sept 12 1994].pdf
Minutes for two meetings of the Black Outreach Project (12 September 1994 and 24 January 1995)

Letter to BoD of AIDS NS.pdf
Draft (edited) letter from members of BOP to Board of Directors at AIDS NS.

BOP Job Description.pdf
Black Outreach Project job description for two research consultant positions (November 1992 - January 1993). Duties include developing and implementing BOP's needs assessment final report.

Letter to Community Orgs and Associations from BOP.pdf
Letter from Deena Noseworthy (Black Outreach Project) asking community organizations and associations for donations to help African Nova Scotia man (PLWA) return to Zambia for his wife's funeral (also PLWA).

BOP Documents.pdf
Memo (written by Deena Noseworthy) and package of Black Outreach Project documents (including meeting minutes, a list of Advisory Board members, general information on the Project, ideas for board development, and a copy of meeting agenda for 2 May…

Black Outreach Project - Notes on AIDS.pdf
Draft notes on playing with safe sex, AIDS among the Black Nova Scotia community, AIDS denial and communication & information disbursement.

BOP Workshop Registration Form.pdf
Registration form for HIV/AIDS workshop by Black Outreach Project

Draft Report on Provincial Response to AIDS [April 25 1995].pdf
Draft Report on Provincial Response to AIDS, including comments, suggestions & criticisms made by Morris Green.

Premiere LifeAfterDiagnosis  P7290034.jpg
An invitation to attend the film "Life after Diagnosis" put on by the Nova Scotia PWA Coalition

Supreme Court of Canada - James Bigney v Queen [1999].pdf
Court proceedings between James Bigney and her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia

A leaflet by Church members Assembled to Respond to AIDS (CARAS) thanking key organizations.

Actor and Volunteer Shaking Hands.jpg
A collection of photographs taken during the production of the film Life After Diagnosis.

News and Views Quarterly [Dec 1994].pdf
Two issues of NEWS & VIEWS, a quarterly newsletter produced by the Nova Scotia PWA Coalition in Halifax.
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