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Two articles regarding prostitution that appeared in the Globe and Mail in 1987. Both articles are in reference to the impact of C-49, the criminalization of communication for the purposes of prostitution. Valerie Scott and Gillian Ridgerson of the…

An article from the Daily News on the Halifax Pride Parade, which prominently features AIDS activists. Featuring an interview with Eric Smith.

Gwen Ott Citizen 25Sept1987.pdf
A newspaper article reviewing the opening of Gwendolyn's (Canadian Organization for the Rights of Prostitutes) sex worker-themed theatrical production 'Merchants of Love' at Ottawa's SAW Gallery

Toronto sex work activists point out that there is an anti-prostitution crackdown happening in their city just prior to the G7 economic summit being held in late June of 1988. Includes quote from Valerie Scott from the Canadian Organization for the…

A newspaper article on ACT UP Vancouver's Robson Square Die-in

A photograph from John Kozachenko's scrapbook featuring an article from "The Province" newspaper on the militancy of ACT UP, an article on an ACT UP demo and two ACT UP stickers

A newspaper article from The Ubyssey entitled "ACT-UP Protests Gov't Inaction" and a picture of an ACT UP Vancouver banner

Scrapbook - Images, leaflet and article from Queen Elizabeth Theatre protest. Article is from Vancouver Sun entitled "No way to act". Also photographs and a leaflet entitled "A Thousand Points of Light"

Two Vancouver Sun articles on the Queen Elizabeth Theatre protests. The first condemns the protests as "hooliganism". The second, written by ACT UP member Paul Craik defends the actions.

An article from the Vancouver Sun entitled "Vander Zalm attacked by AIDS protesters" on the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Social Credit Party benefit.

An article from Angles entitled "Let's Fight Back!!!"

An article from Angles newsletter entitled "Let's Fight Back!!!"

A scrapbook page which includes two newspaper articles on ACT UP Vancouver, entitled "Acting up out of Sheer Frustration" (The Province) and "ACT UP spits back" (Angles) in addition to a ACT UP button and several photos.

An article from Angles entitled "ACT UP Spits Back" written by Dan Guinan

An article from The Province newspaper entitled "Acting up out of sheer frustration"

An article from British Columbia Report entitled, "A mob most vile"

Scrapbook - A media identity card and article from the demonstration at the Social Credit Party Convention. The article from The Province is entitled, "AIDS activists jeer, chant at 'Socred bigots'"

Scrapbook page including an ACT UP comic opposing the war and an article by Christine Cumming in the magazine Kinesis opposing the war.

A series of newspaper articles on ACT UP's protest of the State of the Province address and a leaflet from the demonstration.

Assorted articles on ACT-UP Vancouver and the PWA Society
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