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An article from the Oshawa Times featuring criticism by Eric Smith of the attitudes of Christian churches towards people living with AIDS.

A newspaper article discussing whether people with HIV have a duty to tell lovers.

AAN Living With AIDS Provincial Strategy.pdf
An comprehensive policy brief by AIDS ACTION NOW! to the Ontario Minister of Health.

An article from the Toronto Star which speaks to members of the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto about the Trillium drug benefits plan.

A newspaper article on the introduction of the Trillium program in Ontario.

An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer that threatens an election boycott in the event that the AIDS issues is not addressed by the NDP government. Promotes a protest at an All-Candidates Forum.

AAN Poster 2.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! poster taking on the Ontario provincial government for their slow response to AIDS and promoting a demonstration on World AIDS Day.

AAN Poster 3.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! poster that criticizes the Ontario provincial government for its slow response to the AIDS crisis.

An AIDS ACTION NOW! leaflet that discusses Ontario Drug Benefits - what it is and why it doesn't work.

A policy backgrounder on Ontario Drug Benefits and the Trillium program.

An AIDS ACTION NOW! proposal to reform the Ontario Drugs Benefit Formulary to include a list of drugs needed to adequately treat people living with HIV and AIDS.

A Report from J.A. Browne at the AIDS Bureau regarding the status of non-nominal testing.

A policy report drafted by the Drug Programs Reform Secretariat on the cost of drugs in Ontario.

A summary of the meeting of the Non-Nominal Testing Committee that had been struck by the Ontario AIDS Bureau.

A summary of the meeting of the Non-Nominal Testing Committee that had been struck by the Ontario AIDS Bureau.

An educational booklet from AIDS ACTION NOW! and sponsored by Xtra! on getting tested.

An AIDS ACTION NOW! statement on drug benefits.

A Toronto Star opinion piece by Thomas Walkom on the Trillium Drug Program.

AAN NDP flyer.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer that raises key concerns that the organization expects the NDP to address.

A draft policy outlining guidelines to physicians for testing of HIV antibodies.
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