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DaleOxford'sObit  P7290006.jpg
The obituary for Halifax PWA Coalition activist Dayle Oxford

DayleOxford Sings P7240192.jpg
A photo of Halifax PWA Coalition activist, Dayle Oxford.

FRANK MORTON  P7240185.jpg
A photograph of Frank Morton

HazenU,PeterWoods&FredWells  P7240182.jpg
A photograph of Halifax PWA Coalition members - Hazen Usher, Peter Woods, and Fred Wells

DinetiaJohnson&FirstBornKimberley  P7290052.jpg
A photograph of Dinetia Johnson and her child, Kimberlay

BobPetite NM P7290054.jpg
A photograph entitled "Bob Petite NM"

Ted Mac___?   P7240152.jpg
A photo of Ted Mac________?

AllanReady1990 P7240073.jpg
Photo - Halifax - Allan Ready (1990)

EricSmithBigSmile P7240082.jpg
A photo of Halifax PWA Coalition activist Eric Smith

EricSmith&AnitaMartinez Cls P7240086.jpg
A photo of Halifax PWA Coalition activists Eric Smith and Anita Martinez

BruceHayre theOLDCabbageTownCLS P7240091.jpg
A photo of Bruce Hayre.

A leaflet by Church members Assembled to Respond to AIDS (CARAS) thanking key organizations.

PeterWoods NewsShotbyCraig Benjamin.jpg
A photo of Peter Woods from the Halifax PWA Coalition

Text from an article on "Living with AIDS" featuring a discussion by Peter Woods.

CraigRobartsOnStageAtRumours P7240132.jpg
A photo of Craig Robarts at Rumours nightclub in Halifax.

PWAOfficeRaymond__CraigR P7240156PWA EntranceOffice.jpg
A photograph of the Halifax PWA Coalition office featuring Raymond and Craig.

A photo of the Halifax PWA Coalition office featuring Ted, Raymond and Craig.

[GB] Nova Scotia PWA Coalition Pamphlet.pdf
A pamphlet for the Nova Scotia PWA Coalition that explains the services provided by the organization.

An article from the Daily News on the Halifax Pride Parade, which prominently features AIDS activists. Featuring an interview with Eric Smith.
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