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DaleOxford'sObit  P7290006.jpg
The obituary for Halifax PWA Coalition activist Dayle Oxford

DayleOxford Sings P7240192.jpg
A photo of Halifax PWA Coalition activist, Dayle Oxford.

FRANK MORTON  P7240185.jpg
A photograph of Frank Morton

HazenU,PeterWoods&FredWells  P7240182.jpg
A photograph of Halifax PWA Coalition members - Hazen Usher, Peter Woods, and Fred Wells

DinetiaJohnson&FirstBornKimberley  P7290052.jpg
A photograph of Dinetia Johnson and her child, Kimberlay

BobPetite NM P7290054.jpg
A photograph entitled "Bob Petite NM"

Ted Mac___?   P7240152.jpg
A photo of Ted Mac________?

AllanReady1990 P7240073.jpg
Photo - Halifax - Allan Ready (1990)

EricSmithBigSmile P7240082.jpg
A photo of Halifax PWA Coalition activist Eric Smith

EricSmith&AnitaMartinez Cls P7240086.jpg
A photo of Halifax PWA Coalition activists Eric Smith and Anita Martinez

BruceHayre theOLDCabbageTownCLS P7240091.jpg
A photo of Bruce Hayre.

A leaflet by Church members Assembled to Respond to AIDS (CARAS) thanking key organizations.

PeterWoods NewsShotbyCraig Benjamin.jpg
A photo of Peter Wood from the Halifax PWA Coalition

Text from an article on "Living with AIDS" featuring a discussion by Peter Woods.

CraigRobartsOnStageAtRumours P7240132.jpg
A photo of Craig Robarts at Rumours nightclub in Halifax.

PWAOfficeRaymond__CraigR P7240156PWA EntranceOffice.jpg
A photograph of the Halifax PWA Coalition office featuring Raymond and Craig.

A photo of the Halifax PWA Coalition office featuring Ted, Raymond and Craig.

[GB] Nova Scotia PWA Coalition Pamphlet.pdf
A pamphlet for the Nova Scotia PWA Coalition that explains the services provided by the organization.
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