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Members of AAN! meeting with then federal Health Minister Perrin Beatty. From left to right: George Smith, Greg Pavelich, Brent Southin, Perrin Beatty (front), and Ross Laycock.

Scrapbook page featuring articles and photos on demonstration against Minister Perrin Beatty at the Canadian AIDS Conference in Vancouver.

Scrapbook page including two photos and an article entitled "Protests greet Beatty talk on AIDS," covering ACT UP Vancouver's protest of Minister Beatty at the 1991 Canadian AIDS Conference.

An ACT UP Vancouver leaflet demanding a National AIDS Strategy.

Assorted flyers and photo of ACT UP, including discussions of federal AIDS policy and "Did you know that"?

A series of newspaper articles addressing the right of Persons with AIDS/HIV to travel.

AAN! Demo Beatty.jpg
A poster that promotes an AIDS ACTION NOW! demonstration for AIDS treatment action, taking aim at Perrin Beatty.

[GB] Loose Photos - Demo BW.jpg
A photograph from an AIDS ACTION NOW! demo featuring an activist speaking into a megaphone and a clock-shaped sign reading "Perrin Beatty has time to kill"

AAN Demo National AIDS Strategy.pdf
A poster promoting an AIDS ACTION NOW! demonstration protesting the unveiling of the National AIDS strategy by federal Minister of Health, Perrin Beatty.

AAN Protest Songs.pdf
Two songs that were written for an AIDS ACTION NOW! rally: "A message to Perrin" and "Take some action, Mr. Beatty"
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