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An article on prisoner rights and on the experience of one man, Kyle Downey, who was refused medical care in prison. Written by Brent Southin. Published in Rites, March 1989.

AIDS prisons2.pdf
An article that describes efforts of AIDS activists in Quebec to advocate on behalf of people in prisons.

clipping aids prison issue.pdf
An article from a U.S. newspaper on AIDS in prisons.

Prisoners Support network2.pdf
A flyer from AIDS ACTION NOW! on a proposed Prisoner Support Network. The document was recovered from the Reaction SIDA archive in Montreal.

prisons in canada.pdf
Text from a Reaction SIDA flyer on AIDS/HIV in prisons.

AAN Prison Rights.pdf
A Press Release from AIDS ACTION NOW! welcoming the introduction of condoms into federal prisons but saying that more is needed.

AAN AGM Nov 12 1991.pdf
Meeting Minutes of the AIDS ACTION NOW! Steering Committee from 12 November 1991. Includes discussion of provincial drug benefits, the federal National AIDS Strategy, prison issues, and the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.

AAN PRisoner Demo.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer promoting a demonstration at the Don Jail.

The flyer reads:
"In or out of prison, PLWAs face discrimination, neglect, AIDS paranoia and homophobia. Inside prison this is compounded by the brutal conditions caused by…

AAN People Livid with AIDS.pdf
A zine produced by Queer Anarchist Network discussing safe sex, safe drug use, treatments and research privilege, prisoners living with AIDS, demystifying drug use, living on the street, women living with AIDS, and psychiatric abuse of PLWAs.
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