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Public Actions.PDF
AIDS ACTION NOW! notes on public actions, including a discussion of the federal elections, the International AIDS Conference in Montreal, the Media Committee, Lobbing, Trillium and other issues.

Chair's Report.PDF
The Chair's Report for an AIDS ACTION NOW! meeting, highlighting some of the key issues that the organization has confronted.

Annual Report.PDF
A draft annual report by the AIDS ACTION NOW! Steering Committee to the membership for the AGM. Includes discussion of restructuring to ensure greater PLWA/HIV representation, in addition to discussions of prisons, women and the third world.

Action Plan.PDF
An Action Plan for AIDS ACTION NOW! from October 1989 to October 1990.. Includes an emphasis on organizational and structural changes to ensure "maximum participation of PLWA/HIV".

AAN Notes on Accountability.pdf
Notes intended to represent various views expressed at an AIDS ACTION NOW! policy meeting on the challenge of being accountable to the HIV/AIDS community.

AAN Draft Notes on Structure.pdf
A draft AIDS ACTION NOW! document intended to guide discussion on the role of working committees in the organization. Includes a list of all major committees in AIDS ACTION NOW!

AAN Constitution.pdf
The AIDS ACTION NOW! Constitution that was adopted on 14 April 1989.

AAN Changes to Constitution.pdf
A list of proposed changes to the AIDS ACTION NOW! Constitution addressing greater representation by People Living With AIDS on the Steering Committee.

AAN AGM 1990.pdf
A "Notice of Annual General Meeting" issued by AIDS ACTION NOW! The notice features a Proposed Agenda and two resolutions on increasing the steering committee and incorporating under a federal charter.

An AIDS ACTION NOW! leaflet that demands a comprehensive funding policy for AIDS/HIV treatment and medications and fair representation by People Living With HIV and AIDS on government committees.

AIDS Action Now - Policy Options '91.pdf
A report setting out policy issues for AIDS ACTION NOW! The report highlights five core areas: 1) Political organization; 2) Politics of treatment; 3) Politics of clinical trials; 4) Politics of social services; 5) Politics of affected/infected…

AIDS Action Now - Policy Options '90.pdf
A policy document prepared for AIDS ACTION NOW!'s Annual General Meeting setting out policy issues for discussion in planning for the year ahead. The document is broken down into three broad categories: I) Political Organization; II) The Politics of…
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