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Public Actions.PDF
AIDS ACTION NOW! notes on public actions, including a discussion of the federal elections, the International AIDS Conference in Montreal, the Media Committee, Lobbing, Trillium and other issues.

AAN Retreat Proposed Agenda.pdf
A proposed agenda from an AIDS ACTION NOW! retreat.

AAN Retreat Proceedings 1991.pdf
The proceedings of the 1991 AIDS ACTION NOW! Retreat. Includes a discussion of accomplishments of the past year, and break-out groups to discuss priorities for the coming year.

AAN Retreat 1990 Notes.pdf
Notes from the 1990 Annual Retreat of AIDS ACTION NOW! including strategic planning for the coming year.

AAN Retreat 93.pdf
Notes from the 1993 Annual Retreat of AIDS ACTION NOW! featuring reports from the various committees, an appraisal of their work during the year, and strategic planning for the year to come.

AAN Annual Retreat 95.pdf
Notes from the AIDS ACTION NOW! Annual Retreat (1995). Discussing achievements over the past year (i.e. Trillium) and upcoming challenges sustaining the organization. There is an emphasis on poverty issues as an area of focus.
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