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An article on the work of the Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention, and on the work of hte AIDS Committee of Toronto to initiate discussion about AIDS in the Black community. Written by Mary Louise Adams. Published in Rites, December 1988.

An article on AIDS activism, treatments and politics. Written by George Smith. Published in Rites, September 1988.

An article on AIDS ACTION NOW!'s general meeting held October 6 1988 that gives an overview of the mandate. An article on the AAN policy paper that gives an overview of the mandate. Published in Rites, November 1988.

Two Rites magazine articles. Armstrong's article looks at services available for people with AIDS while Sean Hosein's article examines treatments.

An article proposing to "abandon the category of ARC and AIDS altogether" and adopt a "more accurate distinction between HIV infection and HIV disease." Written by Simon Watney. Published in Rites, April 1989.

An article on prisoner rights and on the experience of one man, Kyle Downey, who was refused medical care in prison. Written by Brent Southin. Published in Rites, March 1989.

George SMith - Talking politics article.pdf
An article written by George Smith published in Rites January 1988.

An article on the ways Toronto police (and recent police initiatives) shape the politics of AIDS. Written by George Smith.

Various articles on AIDS treatment, rights, vigils. Published in Rites.

An article reporting on a "Wild, wet and well" (women and AIDS workshop.
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