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An article on AIDS treatments written by Sean Hosein. Published in Rites, December 1988/January 1989.

An article on AIDS treatments written by Sean Hosein. Published in Rites, October 89.

An article by Sean Hosein on AIDS treatment options. Published in Rites, July/August 1989.

An article by Sean Hosein on AIDS treatments. Published in Rites.

An article on protests against federal inaction at the Canadian AIDS Society Meeting. Written by Gary Kinsman. EPP = Death. Published in Rites.

An article about the AIDS ACTION NOW! protests against the use of a placebo in trais on aerosolized pentamidine. Publsihed in Rites.

An article on the federal release of AIDS treatments. Written by Patrick Barnholden. Published in Rites, March 1989.

Various articles published in Rites, February 1989.

A tribute to Michael Lynch (1945-1991). Published in Rites September - October 1991.

An article on the AIDS ACTION NOW! protest against federal inaction and bureaucratic red tape on AIDS. Published in Rites.

An article by George Smith focusing on AIDS treatments, activist initiatives, and politics. Published in Rites.

[GB] Kinsman Personal Political Canadian Dimension 23(2) 1989.pdf
A Canadian Dimension article that investigates struggles around sexuality in the 1980s.
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