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A practical guide features some key facts about HIV/AIDS and advice for people living with HIV/AIDS.

An AIDS ACTION NOW! leaflet that demands a comprehensive funding policy for AIDS/HIV treatment and medications and fair representation by People Living With HIV and AIDS on government committees.

AAN AIDS in Toronto Up to Scratch.pdf
An article that examines the degree of support that is available for People Living With HIV/AIDS in Toronto.

AAN_election issue poster.PDF
An AIDS ACTION NOW! poster that calls for a "rally, march and roast" in order to make AIDS an election issue.

AAN Poster Chinese Medicine.pdf
A poster for a talk on "Chinese Medicine and AIDS" by Pei Lim, the Vice-President of the Vancouver PWA Coalition.

AAN Draft Position on Drug Costs.pdf
A draft paper produced by AIDS ACTION NOW! discussing drug costs and provincial health policy.

AAN Poster.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! poster promoting a demonstration against a government minister.

AAN Demo National AIDS Strategy.pdf
A poster promoting an AIDS ACTION NOW! demonstration protesting the unveiling of the National AIDS strategy by federal Minister of Health, Perrin Beatty.

A newspaper article discussing whether people with HIV have a duty to tell lovers.

AAN Getting Hooked Up.pdf
A research proposal prepared for Health and Welfare Canada by George Smith, Eric Mitchell, and Douglas Weatherbee which sets out to examine the challenges people living with AIDS and HIV have in accessing services.

AAN Women Bulletin.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer that raises concerns about the neglect of women and AIDS by different levels of government.

AAN Poster Physicians.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! poster promoting a General Meeting to discuss how People Living With AIDS and HIV should relate to medical professionals.

AAN Gigantes Flyer.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer promoting a meeting with Ontario's Minister of Health under the NDP, Evelyn Gigantes.

AAN Poster PCP Prevention.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer promoting an event discussing ways of treating Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia (PCP)

Person Livid With AIDS.jpg
A poster for "Person Livid with AIDS," a one-man show put together by Michael Smith.

A Press Release announcing the formation of PASAN.

Some people call me an ass-hole.PDF
Speaking notes from what appears to be a workshop for people living with AIDS and HIV.

The Whore's Revenge.PDF
A flyer for a "Victorian melodrama" sponsored by AIDS ACTION NOW! and Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

AAN Womens pamphlet.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! pamphlet addressing women's issues.

AAN How much longer 2.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! pamphlet highlighting treatment and research issues.
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