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Draft Notes.pdf
Notes on various subjects related to HIV/AIDS, including sexism, women as caregivers, treatment and research issues and sexuality.

An article on AIDS treatments written by Sean Hosein. Published in Rites, December 1988/January 1989.

An article by Sean Hosein on AIDS treatments. Published in Rites.

An article on AIDS treatment. Written by Sean Hosein. Published in Rites, March 1989.

An article on AIDS treatments. Written by Sean Hosein. Published in Rites, February 1989.

An article by Sean Hosein on AIDS treatment options. Published in Rites, July/August 1989.

An article on various AIDS treatments. Written by Sean Hosein. Published in Rites, April 1989.

Various articles on AIDS treatment, rights, vigils. Published in Rites.

[GB] Large Photo - AAN! Peace Tower CD 1.jpg
A photograph of AIDS ACTION NOW! members engaging in civil disobedience in front of Parliament.

[GB] AAN! 1992 Submission to Ad Hoc Committee.pdf
A brief submitted by AIDS ACTION NOW! to the Parliamentary Ad Hoc Committee on AIDS. The brief addresses issues of research, treatment access, treatment management, prisons, discrimination, and financing.

[GB] Valley AIDS Action Newsletter 93.pdf
A newsletter for the Valley AIDS Concern Group, an AIDS activist organization from Nova Scotia. the newsletter features articles on treatment issues, anonymous testing, and a obituary for Robert Nunn.

AAN treatment vs Research memo.pdf
A letter from Sean Hosein (CATIE) to other members of CATIE and AAN! addressing issues of testing and clinical trials.

Action Plan.PDF
An Action Plan for AIDS ACTION NOW! from October 1989 to October 1990.. Includes an emphasis on organizational and structural changes to ensure "maximum participation of PLWA/HIV".

An AIDS ACTION NOW! guide to AIDS treatments.

AAN Policy Options 92.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! report setting out policy options for 1992. The report sets out eight core areas of discussion: 1) Research; 2) Treatment Access; 3) Treatment management; 4) Prisons; 5) Public health; 6) Discrimination; 7) Alliances and…

AIDS Action Now - Policy Options '90.pdf
A policy document prepared for AIDS ACTION NOW!'s Annual General Meeting setting out policy issues for discussion in planning for the year ahead. The document is broken down into three broad categories: I) Political Organization; II) The Politics of…

AAN How much longer 2.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! pamphlet highlighting treatment and research issues.
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