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PowerPoint Slides - Assessing HIV Prevention.pdf
Presentation slides by Kimberley Bernard

[GB] Petty A Rational Look at AIDS Vitality 7(4) 1985.pdf
An article from "Vitality," the quarterly publication of the Women's Health Education Network, which addresses the topic of AIDS and explains how it affects women.

AAN People Livid with AIDS.pdf
A zine produced by Queer Anarchist Network discussing safe sex, safe drug use, treatments and research privilege, prisoners living with AIDS, demystifying drug use, living on the street, women living with AIDS, and psychiatric abuse of PLWAs.

PowerPoint Slides Robbye E. Kinkade SUNY.pdf
Presentation Slides by Robbye E. Kinkade of SUNY Stony Brook

PowerPoint Slides - HIV and Substance Use and WoC.pdf
Slides for presentation by Robbye E. Kinkade of Stony Brook University (New York, USA) and Kim Bernard, crd of Kim's Agency (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

"Treatment Update" was a regular publication by Sean Hosein, focusing on latest news on AIDS treatments from around the world. This issue features discussion on the drug AZT, steroids, and fungal infections among women.

An article reporting on a "Wild, wet and well" (women and AIDS workshop.

Draft Notes.pdf
Notes on various subjects related to HIV/AIDS, including sexism, women as caregivers, treatment and research issues and sexuality.

AAN! Women and AIDS poster.jpg
An AIDS ACTION NOW! poster which calls on the government to address the issues of women living with AIDS.

Women get AIDS2.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! leaflet highlighting AIDS issues for women.

aids and women 2.pdf
A statement that appears to be from Reaction SIDA on women and AIDS in Quebec.

ACT UP MTL World AIDS Day 1990 Article.pdf
Article recounting the World AIDS Day march held by ACT UP Montreal focusing one women and HIV in Quebec.
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