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AAN Consnensus Meeting Protest.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer promoting a rally and public action at the AIDS Consensus Conference in Toronto on World AIDS Day (December 1).

An ACT UP Vancouver leaflet calling for a demonstration on World AIDS Day in Victoria.

ACT UP MTL World AIDS Day 1990 Article.pdf
Article recounting the World AIDS Day march held by ACT UP Montreal focusing one women and HIV in Quebec.

ACT UP MTL Sticker 1991.jpeg
Sticker promoting ACT UP Montreal activities for World AIDS Day 1991

AAN Poster Women.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! poster promoting a World AIDS Day demonstration with a focus on women's issues.

AAN Poster 2.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! poster taking on the Ontario provincial government for their slow response to AIDS and promoting a demonstration on World AIDS Day.
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