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STD Brochure - Minister of Health and Welfare.pdf
Educational booklet on STDs, published by authority of the Minister of National Health and Welfare, Canada

An AIDS ACTION NOW! guide to AIDS treatments.

An educational booklet from AIDS ACTION NOW! and sponsored by Xtra! on getting tested.

A practical guide features some key facts about HIV/AIDS and advice for people living with HIV/AIDS.

An AIDS ACTION NOW! supplement for Xtra! Newspaper. It provides information on getting tested.

A treatment primer for People Living with HIV/AIDS developed by AIDS ACTION NOW!'s Treatment Access and Research Committee.

An article from the Mail Star that discusses efforts by some parents to initiate a boycott of school protesting Eric Smith's employment at the school.

Some people call me an ass-hole.PDF
Speaking notes from what appears to be a workshop for people living with AIDS and HIV.
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