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Some people call me an ass-hole.PDF
Speaking notes from what appears to be a workshop for people living with AIDS and HIV.

An article from the Mail Star that discusses efforts by some parents to initiate a boycott of school protesting Eric Smith's employment at the school.

A treatment primer for People Living with HIV/AIDS developed by AIDS ACTION NOW!'s Treatment Access and Research Committee.

An AIDS ACTION NOW! supplement for Xtra! Newspaper. It provides information on getting tested.

A practical guide features some key facts about HIV/AIDS and advice for people living with HIV/AIDS.

An educational booklet from AIDS ACTION NOW! and sponsored by Xtra! on getting tested.

An AIDS ACTION NOW! guide to AIDS treatments.

STD Brochure - Minister of Health and Welfare.pdf
Educational booklet on STDs, published by authority of the Minister of National Health and Welfare, Canada

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