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Various articles published in Rites, February 1989.

An article on AIDS treatments. written by Sean Hosein. Another article on David Marriage. .Published in Rites, September 1989.

A tribute to Michael Lynch (1945-1991). Published in Rites September - October 1991.

A tribute to Doug Wilson, published in AIDS ACTION NEWS!, Fall 1992.

AIDS activist and gay rights pioneer Doug Wilson died of AIDS-related pneumonia on September 26.

A tribute to Michael Lynch, David Brian Kendall, Peter McGehee. Published in AIDS ACTION NEWS!, Winter 1992.

MikeLacourciere's Obit P7290039.jpg
An obituary for Mike Lacourciere who was active with the Nova Scotia PWA Coalition.

DaleOxford'sObit  P7290006.jpg
The obituary for Halifax PWA Coalition activist Dayle Oxford

AAN! George Smith obit.jpg
An obituary for AIDS ACTION NOW! activist George Smith.

AAN! Brian Farlinger Obit.jpg
An obituary for AIDS ACTION NOW! activist Brian Farlinger.

AAN Remembering David Marriage.pdf
An obituary for AIDS ACTION NOW! member David Marriage.

A program from the funeral of James Thatcher.

An obituary from the Toronto Star remembering George Smith.

An article in memory of Michael Lynch in "Centre/Fold," the Newsletter of the Toronto Centre for Lesbian and Gay Studies.

Michael Obit.jpg
An obituary for Michael Smith from Now Magazine.
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