AIDS ACTION NOW! - Prisoners with AIDS are People Too! Demonstration Flyer


AIDS ACTION NOW! - Prisoners with AIDS are People Too! Demonstration Flyer


An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer promoting a demonstration at the Don Jail.

The flyer reads:
"In or out of prison, PLWAs face discrimination, neglect, AIDS paranoia and homophobia. Inside prison this is compounded by the brutal conditions caused by overcrowding, denial of access to treatments, and a lack of basic human needs. PLWAs need regular visits with an HIV physician, access to up-to-date treatments, sufficient warmth, nutrition, rest and support. The treatment of HIV+ people in prisons has to change. The current Corrections Ministry policy is not working! For several weeks, some prisoners with AIDS at Toronto City Jails have been denied appropriate treatment and basic rights. This situation has worsened throughout the recent sensationalized events as the Don. The provincial (and federal) policy on AIDS in the prison system is at best in shambles and at worst criminally negligent.

Support people with AIDS in prison! /
Demonstrate! /
1:00 pm Sat, Feb 11, the Don Jail /
main entrance, just north of Gerrard on Broadview

Our immediate demands are:
- Respect for the human and medical rights of imprisoned people living with AIDS/HIV infection.
-Appropriate treatment, facilities, nutrition, counselling and access to an HIV physician of their choice for AIDS affected inmates.
-The formation of a policy-forming conference/group bringing together community AIDS organizations, corrections services, the Health Ministry, prisoners' rights groups and prison guards' reps, to facilitate:
-Comprehensive, up-to-date, AIDS education for inmates and guards.
-Clarification and monitoring of HIV segregation (no quarantine, no forced testing).
-Implementation of the Royal Society recommendations on AIDS for condom, needle and bleach distribution to prisoners."

Demonstration was organized by AIDS ACTION NOW! and supported by AIDS CTTEE. of Toronto, COMBAT, and other community groups.




February 11



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