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Lindquist and Rayside - AIDS Policy in Canada.pdf
A draft academic article by Evert A. Lindquist and David M. Rayside on AIDS policy in Canada.

An article from the Daily News which highlights a finding of the Nova Scotia Task Force on AIDS that "people carrying the AIDS virus should not be quarantined or isolated - except in extraordinary cases".

An article from the Daily News that notes the release of the report of the Nova Scotia AIDS Task Force, and highlights Eric Smith's dissatisfaction with the report.

AAN AIDS in Toronto Up to Scratch.pdf
An article that examines the degree of support that is available for People Living With HIV/AIDS in Toronto.

AAN_election issue poster.PDF
An AIDS ACTION NOW! poster that calls for a "rally, march and roast" in order to make AIDS an election issue.

AAN flyer 2.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! pamphlet that goes over the goals and structure of the organization.

Another Man (1988).pdf
Links to video, audio and lyrics of "Another Man (Extensive Mix)" produced by Mr. Tim

AAN Changes to Constitution.pdf
A list of proposed changes to the AIDS ACTION NOW! Constitution addressing greater representation by People Living With AIDS on the Steering Committee.

AAN Poster Chinese Medicine.pdf
A poster for a talk on "Chinese Medicine and AIDS" by Pei Lim, the Vice-President of the Vancouver PWA Coalition.

AAN Draft Position on Drug Costs.pdf
A draft paper produced by AIDS ACTION NOW! discussing drug costs and provincial health policy.

AAN Remembering David Marriage.pdf
An obituary for AIDS ACTION NOW! member David Marriage.

AAN Poster.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! poster promoting a demonstration against a government minister.

AAN Demo National AIDS Strategy.pdf
A poster promoting an AIDS ACTION NOW! demonstration protesting the unveiling of the National AIDS strategy by federal Minister of Health, Perrin Beatty.

A newspaper article discussing whether people with HIV have a duty to tell lovers.

An article from the Globe and Mail that discusses the issue of disclosure and anonymous testing.


A Globe and Mail article which discusses the case a Eric Smith, a Nova Scotia teacher who lost his job because he was HIV positive.

Facilitator Notes.pdf
AIDS ACTION NOW! notes on how to be a good facilitator.

AAN Conference on Cost Effective Drug Therapy.pdf
A flyer from the First National Conference on Cost-Effective Drug Therapy

An article from the Daily News on the Halifax Pride Parade, which prominently features AIDS activists. Featuring an interview with Eric Smith.

AAN Getting Hooked Up.pdf
A research proposal prepared for Health and Welfare Canada by George Smith, Eric Mitchell, and Douglas Weatherbee which sets out to examine the challenges people living with AIDS and HIV have in accessing services.
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