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A manifesto issued by ACT UP (New York) and AIDS ACTION NOW! (Toronto) at the V International AIDS Conference in Montreal. The manifesto calls for an international code of rights that is based on acknowledging and preserving the humanity of people…

ACT UP MTL Joe Rose Manif 1992.jpeg
Protest flyer to commemorate the three year anniversary of the anti-gay murder of Joe Rose in Montreal. Organized by ACT UP Montreal and Queer Nation Rose

A educational leaflet by ACT UP Montreal which promotes safer sex practices.

ACT - UP Montreal t-shirt.pdf
ACT UP Montreal

ACT UP MTL New Member Guide.pdf
Orientation manual for new members

ACT UP MTL BouBou Manif 1990.jpeg
Protest poster for a demonstration against the inaction of the Robert Bourassa government and the Centre Québécois de Coordination sur le SIDA.

ACT UP MTL Polytechnique Poster.jpeg
ACT UP Montreal poster for World AIDS Day march 1990 that condemns the the Bourassa government for inaction around women and HIV. "It's not just semi-automatics that kill women in Quebec" is a reference to the École Polytechnique massacre where an…

ACT UP MTL Sticker 1991.jpeg
Sticker promoting ACT UP Montreal activities for World AIDS Day 1991

ACT UP MTL Carnaval Quebec City 1992 eng-frn.jpeg
Flyer recruiting people to join ACT UP Montreal's intervention at Carnaval in Quebec City 1992.

ACT UP MTL Carnaval Quebec City 1992 flyer.jpeg
Flyer describing ACT UP Montreal's reasons for making an intervention at Carnaval in Quebec City 1992.

A press release from ACT-UP New York announcing a twelve point agenda which calls for government research of drugs already found effective in community clinical trials.

[GB] Valley AIDS Action Newsletter 93.pdf
A newsletter for the Valley AIDS Concern Group, an AIDS activist organization from Nova Scotia. the newsletter features articles on treatment issues, anonymous testing, and a obituary for Robert Nunn.

AAN Consnensus Meeting Protest.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer promoting a rally and public action at the AIDS Consensus Conference in Toronto on World AIDS Day (December 1).

AAN OCAP flyer.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer promoting a treasure hunt through Rosedale organized by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.

"Will the NDP Deliver for People Living with AIDS?"
AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer putting pressure on the recently elected New Democratic Party (NDP) to address various issues such as: implementing anonymous HIV testing, funding HIV drugs and treatments, increasing representation on policy bodies, …

AAN Poster Gigantes.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer promoting a meeting with Evelyn Gigantes, Minister of Health under the NDP regime.

The flyer states:
"The NDP's campaign rhetoric promised positive changes to the healthcare system for people living with AIDS and HIV.…

AAN Testing AIDS.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! booklet providing information on AIDS testing.

The cover states:
"a Lab service requisition form: a familiar sight for people getting tested in Ontario.

Inside: HIV related tests / Calculating your absolute T4 count /…

AAN Treatment AIDS.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! booklet on AIDS treatment, featuring an image of a treatment protest at Parliament Hill.

Text states:
"AIDS ACTION NOW! protests the federal government's failure to make experimental treatments available to people who are…

AAN Economic Summit.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! flyer promoting a massive popular summit rally and march in protest of the global economic summit in Toronto, 1988.

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