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Harm Reduction Zine by Citizens on Drugs Union - Issue 1 - Summer 1995.pdf
A harm reduction 'zine published by Citizens on Drugs Users' Union in Toronto, ON.

MindBodyLove Zine - Issue 1.pdf
'zines created by KennQuayle, Brian Mackenzie and and Sobey Wing in Vancouver, BC.

Jerking Off - Summer 1987.pdf

Coming On - Fall 1988 - Part 1.pdf
A 'zine compiled by Kenn Quayle and others from the Queer Anarchist Network n 1988. Scanned in three parts.

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English and French language brochure used for safe sex education amongst sex workers.

A photograph of the first AIDS demonstration in Canada by Vancouver PWA Society activists at the Victoria legislature.

An untitled photograph featuring a demonstration in Vancouver. Placards read "Kim says we are not family"

A photograph of an untitled event.


NS Dept of Health Update on HIV - AIDS [Aug 1994].pdf
Report on HIV/AIDS cases by in Nova Scotia (1983-1994) compiled by the Nova Scotia Department of Health.

A poster for the Trillium Drug Program put out by the Province of Ontario.

A meeting agenda for the Trillium Drug Program.

A letter to AIDS ACTION NOW! from the Ministry of Health, requesting a representative from AIDS ACTION NOW! attend the unveiling of the Trillium plan.

Further handwritten correspondence regarding drug benefits in Ontario.

Notes from an AIDS ACTION NOW! meeting discussing Ontario Drug Benefits and the "Catastrophic Drug Plan".

Handwritten notes discussing Ontario drug benefits.

A flyer faxed from AIDS ACTION NOW! entitled "Paying for your drugs - Are you getting what you're entitled to?"

Fax from Bob Gardner at Legislative Research Service to Glen Brown, which includes a AIDS ACTION NOW! document on drug benefits - "Are you getting what you're entitled to?"

fax_to_OAN member_groups_from_dave_grant.pdf
A fact from Dave Grant, Positive Approaches Coordinator with the AIDS Committee of Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Area (ACCKWA), to all OAN member groups expressing concern about the number of treatments that will not be covered under the plan.

A fax template to be sent by People Living With HIV/AIDS to Ruth Grier, Ontario's Minister of Health requested that a list of drugs be listed to the Ontario Drug Benefits list.
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