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AIDS ACTION NOW! and the NDP government (1990-1995)

AAN! members in drag.jpg

Memories of AIDS activists

AAN! George Smith obit.jpg

This exhibit pays tribute to AIDS activists who have passed away.

Women and AIDS

AAN! Women and AIDS poster.jpg

This exhibit explores the work of women and AIDS activists, who were active in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This exhibit traces the shift from a "gay plague" to the lived sense that "women get AIDS too." The exhibit features ephemera related to women and AIDS.

Black Outreach Project

BoP Brochure - Dealing with HIV-AIDS in the Black Community of NS.pdf

This exhibit showcases the work of activists involved in the Black Outreach Project, which originated from the Halifax-based PWA Coalition. To learn more about the history of the Black Outreach Project, we invite you to read through Kim Bernard's interview with the AIDS Activist History Project, available here.