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ACT UP MTL Joe Rose Manif 1992.jpeg
Protest flyer to commemorate the three year anniversary of the anti-gay murder of Joe Rose in Montreal. Organized by ACT UP Montreal and Queer Nation Rose

An article on the AIDS ACTION NOW! protest against federal inaction and bureaucratic red tape on AIDS. Published in Rites.

AAN_election issue poster.PDF
An AIDS ACTION NOW! poster that calls for a "rally, march and roast" in order to make AIDS an election issue.

AAN South Asian Demo.pdf
A press release issued by AIDS ACTION NOW! and Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention (ASAP) calling for a demonstration at the Consulate General of India to protest the Government of India's AIDS policies.

AAN News Clippings 91 2.pdf
Three newspaper articles from the Globe and Mail, the Sun and the Star covering a protest by AIDS activists at Nathan Phillips Square.

An image of members of Nova Scotia PWA Coalition demonstrating outside the conference of the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities.
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