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An untitled photograph of a demonstration.

A second photograph of an untitled demo. The sign "Epp=Death" was taken up by AIDS ACTION NOW!, which raises the question of whether this demo was in Ontario, and the image of the state buildings in the background suggests maybe Toronto or Ottawa.

A photograph of an unnamed demonstration featuring three activists with a placard reading, "Dykes fuck too". Could be connected to the next picture in the set. This is probably a picture of ACT UP Women's Action June 22, 1990 in San Francisco.

A photograph showing the arrest of ACT UP Vancouver activist Christine Cumming at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre protest.

A photograph of the first AIDS demonstration in Canada by Vancouver PWA Society activists at the Victoria legislature.

Scrapbook page featuring two articles and two leaflets promoting a demonstration in Whistler at First Ministers conference on Health Care.

A leaflet promoting a demonstration against the Social Credit Party at the Convention Centre.

Scrapbook page including two photos and an article entitled "Protests greet Beatty talk on AIDS," covering ACT UP Vancouver's protest of Minister Beatty at the 1991 Canadian AIDS Conference.

Newspaper photos of the ACT UP occupation of the legislative galleries in Victoria.

Summons for John Kozachenko from State of Province address demo, two articles on the arrest, and a photograph

ACT UP Vancouver media release regarding John Kozachenko's arrest at the State of the Province address demo.

A photograph of John Kozachenko being arrested by Vancouver Police at Vander Zalm's State of the Province address. Also a media release from ACT UP and an article.

Scrapbook page - ACT UP Vancouver protest in Victoria against the Gulf War, including a photograph and leaflet

A flyer from the occupation of the CDC office which includes "Do's and Dont's if Police come around" and "Chants"

A leaflet and two articles on the CDC occupation, entitled "Let the Fags Die," and "Seven AIDS protesters arrested"

Scrapbook - A series of photographs from an ACT UP demonstration at the Grey Cup parade.

Scrapbook page including picture, media identity card, and article on demonstration at Social Credit Party convention

An ACT UP Vancouver poster for a rally against the Social Credit Party at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

An article from Angles entitled "Let's Fight Back!!!"

A scrapbook page featuring an article from Angles entitled "Let's Fight Back!!!" and pictures from ACT UP demos.
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