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AIDS Action Now - Letter to Rae.pdf
A letter from AIDS ACTION NOW! to Premier Bob Rae highlighting three key issues that need to be addressed: 1) AIDS/HIV Drug Funding; 2) Social Assistance Levels; 3) Chief Medical Officer of Health

An AIDS ACTION NOW! proposal to reform the Ontario Drugs Benefit Formulary to include a list of drugs needed to adequately treat people living with HIV and AIDS.

AIDS Action Now - Towards a Comprehensive AIDS Policy.pdf
A report by AIDS ACTION NOW! setting out a comprehensive federal/provincial AIDS policy.

A policy report drafted by the Drug Programs Reform Secretariat on the cost of drugs in Ontario.

AAN Living With AIDS Provincial Strategy.pdf
An comprehensive policy brief by AIDS ACTION NOW! to the Ontario Minister of Health.

AAN Poster 2.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! poster taking on the Ontario provincial government for their slow response to AIDS and promoting a demonstration on World AIDS Day.

AAN Poster 3.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW! poster that criticizes the Ontario provincial government for its slow response to the AIDS crisis.
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