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A series of policy statements on the decriminalization of sex work, forced HIV testing, quarantining, safe sex, peer-to-peer outreach, among other topics.

Stiletto - Volume 1 Number 3.pdf
Stiletto was the newsletter of the Canadian Organization for the Rights of Prostitutes (CORP) from 1990-1991. This issue includes contributions from Chris Bearchell, Erik, Gwendolyn, Alexandre Highcrest, Helen Posno, Will Pritchard, and Sasha.

heygirl brochure.pdf
Trifold brochure explaining the risks of HIV/AIDS and which different kinds of testing might be right for you as a sex worker.

From a series of safer sex posters produced for the Prostitutes Safe Sex Project housed at Maggie's in Toronto.

[GB] Petty A Rational Look at AIDS Vitality 7(4) 1985.pdf
An article from "Vitality," the quarterly publication of the Women's Health Education Network, which addresses the topic of AIDS and explains how it affects women.

An educational booklet from AIDS ACTION NOW! and sponsored by Xtra! on getting tested.

An AIDS ACTION NOW! supplement for Xtra! Newspaper. It provides information on getting tested.

AAN Poster 11.pdf
A poster promoting an AIDS ACTION NOW! teach-in at Toronto City Hall. Featuring workshops on: Women and AIDS; Testing Issues; Taking control of your own health; Current treatments; HIV transmission; Treatment strategies; Promising new developments;…
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