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Video Guide no48.pdf
The Satellite Video Exchange Society (now VIVO, incorporated 1973) was the first video exchange library, and one of the earliest international video centres and Canadian artist-run centres. Its founding mandate was to facilitate international…

A series of policy statements on the decriminalization of sex work, forced HIV testing, quarantining, safe sex, peer-to-peer outreach, among other topics.



Annual Report.PDF
A draft annual report by the AIDS ACTION NOW! Steering Committee to the membership for the AGM. Includes discussion of restructuring to ensure greater PLWA/HIV representation, in addition to discussions of prisons, women and the third world.

Handwritten notes on quarantine and criminalization

An AIDS ACTION NOW! Press Release promoting the event, "From Quarantine to Criminalization," which features speakers on the criminalization of People Living With HIV and AIDS.

An article from the Daily News which highlights a finding of the Nova Scotia Task Force on AIDS that "people carrying the AIDS virus should not be quarantined or isolated - except in extraordinary cases".

AAN Stop the Quarantine.pdf
An AIDS ACTION NOW flyer promoting a demonstration calling for the dismissal of Dr. Richard Schabas, Ontario's chief medical officer of health.

Organized by ACT, AIDS ACTION NOW!, Toronto PWA Foundation, and Casey House Hospice.
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